Small Group Communication

Small Group Communication

A group’s members must be able to communicate freely and openly with all of the other members. Groups will develop norms about discussion and group members will develop roles which will affect the group’s interaction. A group must have a common purpose or goal and they must work together to achieve that goal.  The goal brings the group together and holds it together through conflict and tension.

A brief look at groups and communication therein…

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4 thoughts on “Small Group Communication”

  1. how can I download this to save it?

    • Hi Linda. Just below the presentation there is a download link, which is visible only when you are logged in. Just click on the link to download the pdf file. Alternately, you can log in and download it from the Downloads page as well. If you still have a problem, let me know and I will mail it to you as an attachment. Thanks !

  2. ashokavreddy said:

    Hi Rajiv,
    I am getting the same message “the file is damaged and cannot be repaired” for every PDF or presentation I download. please help.

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