Business Communication

Working in business environment involves communication – a lot of it. It is a major & essential part of it. Because it is so important, businesses want & need people with good communication skills.Many surveys conducted in recent years find that communication – Ranks at or near top of desired skills needed for business – especially written communication; 96% say employees must have good communication skills to get ahead. To stand out from competition, you must demonstrate the unwritten requirements that are now most in demand – leadership & communication skills. Unfortunately, business’s need for employees with good communication skills is often not fulfilled.

Here is a brief introduction to Business Communication. The presentation is based on excerpts from the Book “Basic Business Communication” By R V Lesikar & M E Flatley.

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6 thoughts on “Business Communication”

  1. ahamedbashamd said:

    nice ppt

  2. Thank you.

  3. lizel aclan said:

    hi!!this is a very nice presentation, how can i download this file?=)

  4. Hi Lizel,

    You can download the pdf version by registering on the site. The registration link is at the top right hand-side corner. Should you face any problems in either registering or downloading the pdf file, please let me know.


    Rajiv Bajaj

  5. wonderful sir.

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